Capitalism is a Necessary Good

July 3, 2018


Value is the great divider in every disagreement, that which you value most will determine the philosophies you adopt and the decisions you make. Capitalism was birthed by the idea that men were free individuals by right and the government’s sole task should be to protect their freedom, this idea came from men who valued their liberty. Today, freedom is not popularly of highest value, the tyrant that is the public good performs an appealing facade that many are entertained by. The real abomination is born when the public good is used to justify capitalism. Public good would justify capitalism if indeed the public good were a valid justification for anything and capitalism were in need of justification. If you value morality, freedom, and mind, then capitalism is the only good social system. 

The question of morality is one that nobody seems to be able to solve, every religion attempts to answer the question of the millenia, but all fail. Every person thinks that their standard of good and bad is right, and while there are groups of people who agree a common code, choice must still be allowed. When a person says public good is a valid claim, they condone the sacrifice of some for the benefit of the majority. If the greatest good is decided by the collective to be selflessness, then all desires, success, profit, joy, work, and objective thought are demonized because they create social inequality. This discourages man from achieving, it lowers the standards to that of the lowest common denominator, it sends countries into a dwindle of resources as the few people of ability are exploited to support the rest of society until they give up.

The freedom to achieve is guaranteed when men are free to think, act, and disagree; every great invention was once thought impossible by the majority and it took an individual saying “no, I think it is possible and I will do it,” before something incredible made society take another step toward where we are today. Without men and women who achieved the impossible, humanity would not have advanced so far, so quickly, in fact we might not have survived at all. It is often said the freedom comes at a price, but the reward of freedom is unfathomable and the returns last a lifetime and beyond, what other investment promises so much? Freedom to disagree allows a person to learn when they are wrong, and for others to learn the art of critical thinking. Those who use the “public good” to justify capitalism condemn the only social system in which anyone is allowed to excel and receive the reward of their work.

Capitalism rewards intellect, which is perhaps why it is so greatly disliked, there are too many unintelligent people. Objective thought can be a painful discipline, it requires the surrender of emotion and bias for the correct assessment of reality. When people don’t take responsibility for their failures, they lose every opportunity to learn by blaming someone/something else. We are born selfish, a child’s highest value is it’s survival, it screams when it is not fed. The natural development of a person results in them learning to feed themselves, taking responsibility for their survival. But when a social system tells someone that they are not responsible for their own survival, that the collective should provide for their needs, they don’t belong to themselves anymore, they are indebted to the collective. Then there is created a false social theme of giving back to a society that paralyzed your ability to survive without it. Thus the human mind and effort is swindled. There is a certain justice in that event, for those who are trapped by it allowed themselves to shrug responsibility.

Capitalism asks one thing of man, objective thought, and it is a thing we humans may be incapable of, it is too good of a system for us. In a perfect world all of us would have the strength to run towards independence instead of away, to embrace choices and achieve all that we are capable of in this land of opportunity, to make the world a greater place because we have done greatly, and to love the simple but virtuous act of earning a living. As a society we should be aware of the philosophy behind our choices, what our responsibilities are, and how we think. Capitalism is not a necessary evil because it is moral, it is the system of free people, and all it requires is an objective mind. Capitalism is a necessary good.


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