Ladies, Ladies

February 23, 2017

Ladies, Ladies, this is a letter to you, and the Gentlemen should lend an ear too.  I have naught to gain by reprimanding my gender if that is even an acceptable term, but I am ill with your complaints at God given restraints, and you should take to heart a verse or two.

 The issues of today are not novae, “there is nothing new under the sun.”  However, today the problems are greater than ever and I AM DONE.


“Woman,” is such a wonderful word, it is a symbol of the most beautiful and needed gift ever given to man by God, save His son.  Often we women forget what we truly are: “Gifts,” and as though we have no obligation to anyone, and there is no person on earth so lonely as the one who has disobeyed God.  

Women are supposed to be wives, mothers, comforters, teachers to the younger women, givers to the needy, workers for good, and delighters in their duties.  

There is joy and balance in the differences between men and women, and God said that this was good.


“Woman,” is now an insult to many, and why should it not be? It pre-supposes the difference between them and men.  The old plague of “equality” has grown and we are falling ill to it in various strains, gender equality being only one kind.  These women reject the thought of being gifts, for they refuse to be “given.” The funny part is that when women try to abandon their femininity, they are left with nothing, and become less rather than more. Then they feel lost, and in order to fix this feeling of loss, they take masculinity from men, to raise themselves up and become “equal.”

 However, two wrongs, simply make a can of worms, or in this case, millions of “featherless bipeds” with no identity.         


“Woman,” will never be satisfied by herself, even though she will try to be, her efforts will only bring her frustration. Till’ man takes back his right place as woman’s head, there will be no peace.

 However, men should not be waiting for women to gain discretion, a person’s actions should be as a result of his or her convictions, not as a response to society’s demands.

Therefore conviction is the means by which the order must be changed.  And what better way to spread conviction on a God-given order than to spread God himself?  Anyone who seeks the Lord and reads His word should be able to reach the epiphany I have, and by spreading the word of God and faith in Him, we also spread all of his commands and designs, therefore making our entire culture a more righteous one, and returning Man and Woman to their right places.


   Ladies, Ladies, do not lose your identity, and go on a crazed search for “manity,” it only ends in destruction.  Have faith in your God, and submit to His design, lest you disobey the order that was given.  There is no honor in calling men weak!  If you wish for masculinity and leadership, raise it in your brothers, your friends, and your sons!  Let not your daughters be tempted in such ways as the world is!

 Show the world what a real woman is, and bring honor back to its name, be gifts.

Kelsey Tolpin

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I'm the oldest of 7 in a household that's driven to bring good to the world. I love cooking, making up recipes that foster unique creations people love. My library grows with my voracious appetite for learning and growing as a leader.

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